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Need a Concrete Patio in Denver? You are in the proper location. Your partner in creating stunning outdoor and indoor concrete spaces is Supreme Concrete CO in Denver, a reputable concrete contractor. With years of experience in the concrete industry, ours is the name to trust. We provide quality workmanship you won’t find anywhere else in the Denver area. Custom concrete patios, for instance, are an excellent example of how our licensed professionals can enhance the appearance and functionality of your patio.


We can customize applications to get the outcomes you want, whether they involve modified polymer coatings or stamped concrete overlays. We would love to hear about your plans to improve your patio.

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As the premier concrete contractor in Denver, we provide guidance and suggestions for good patio and stamped patio needs for residential and commercial clients. Whether you decide to add a durable, helpful coating to a garage floor or workspace, resurface with epoxy or stamp patterns, install a more excellent walking surface, or do these things,

Doing a “patio repair near me” search? We can arrange a free consultation in your home by phone or email. We are prepared to respond to your questions and offer you a free evaluation and quote. We also work on concrete pool decks, driveways, lobbies, and other things!

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Top Concrete Overlays & Coatings for Residential and Commercial Concrete Patios

Don’t let dull, plain cement surfaces characterize your house; your patio reflects your unique taste. Compared to natural stone, pavers, or bricks, concrete is significantly less expensive, and you can customize it in various ways to suit your preferences, thanks to its versatility. Regardless of your style, professionally resurfaced, refinished, or stamped patios can withstand harsh weather conditions and high traffic with little upkeep.


An acrylic cement coating is sprayed onto fresh concrete or concrete that has already been laid to produce a texture that is somewhat akin to stucco but more subdued. Compared to other materials, this spray-down concrete system maintains a 30 per cent cooler surface temperature.


This involves highly decorative patterns and colours, if desired, just like the installation of a traditional stamped concrete patio. The main distinction between the two techniques is that stamping is done on a freshly installed patio, whereas an overlay is applied to an existing surface. Ashlar, slate, flagstone, brick, and more are common patterns. Buy stamped patios right away!


Staining can help improve the appearance of a surface with only colour problems. Patio owners can match different coloured acid and water-based stains according to their preferences.

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The best place to enjoy indoor comforts in an outdoor setting is on a concrete patio. Having the best of both worlds is what it is like. The most popular material for patios in the US is concrete. Why? It can be formed and designed in various ways to fit unique lifestyles and most budgets because it is versatile enough. However, use and time can wear down the patio, causing the surface to crack, deteriorate, and use colour. Good thing that repair, resurfacing, and refinishing techniques can undo these.

Decorative overlays and coatings can make a concrete patio look pricey and opulent despite being more affordable than other patio types. Selecting the patterns and colours that work best for their outdoor living space would be fun for property owners.

What are the benefits of concrete patios?

These days, there are an increasing number of materials available on outdoor patios. Here are some valid arguments for why some property owners stick to using concrete:

It can be painted in a colour to go with or enhance the house's exterior or other outdoor features like fences, pool decks, and more.
Regarding texture and pattern, the design options are almost limitless.
Concrete patios are solid and long-lasting as long as they are installed and sealed correctly.
Both maintenance and cleaning are simple and easy.
The overall cost of a concrete patio is less than that of other paving options.

What is the cost of a Concrete Patio?

Because you keep your existing patios and only improve them with a better look and functionality, decorative concrete patios are more reasonably priced. There is no set rate, but there are several variables that could affect how much a project will ultimately cost, including:

The size of the concrete area

How many different surface preparation techniques are used

the kind and substance utilized

And more... 


Concrete Patio Service always depends on the material, times and if we have any offer going on. So feel free to know the exact pricing or cost.

Can you refinish the existing concrete patio?

The concrete patio that already exists can be refinished, yes. However, concrete patios that have minor damage but are otherwise in good condition can be changed by concrete resurfacing. You can use a cement-based overlay to enhance the look and durability of your patio rather than replacing it. Your newly resurfaced concrete patio can be given colour by stamping, staining, or stencilling.